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#LGBTChina: Mobilizing students

Yang Shi, age 25, is a gay advocate from East China who currently lives in New York City and studies International Affairs at Columbia University. I met him at the International AIDS Conference 2016 in South Africa. Yang, who began his advocacy career as an intern in Beijing’s LGBT Center, … Continue reading

Fulfill Young People’s Sexual Rights!

At the World Congress for Sexual Health 2015 in Singapore, Eli Coleman (Past President of the World Association for Sexual Health-WAS) arranged a dinner with Doortje Braeken, at the time Senior Advisor on Youth, Gender and Rights at the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), Esther Corona (one of the leading … Continue reading

Silence and pleasure in Japan

Masayoshi Yanagida is a Member of the Youth Initiative Committee at the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS). He began his career as a sexual and reproductive health activist when he was 19 years old, and he is a former Secretary of the Youth Committee at the Japan Family Planning Association. … Continue reading

Do you know what sexual health advocacy is?

The past Latin American Congress of Sexuality Education & Sexology developed in Medellín, Colombia, with the participation of more than 700 attendees. The Latin American Congress of Sexuality Education & Sexology is organized by the Latin American Federation of  Sex Education and Sexology Societies (FLASSES, because of its Spanish acronym), … Continue reading